Isohara Beach

This idyllic beach offers a peaceful resort for holiday makers from Ibaraki and abroad. It is the ideal place to relax.


Meaning two-island, Futatsujima is a famous coastal landmark reflecting contract.The north island,with high steep slopes,is covered with grass and visited by thousands of birds at nightfall.The south island is small, and continuously washed over by the sea's eroding waves.

"Rokkakudo"or Hexagonal Building

This tiny red room facing the Pacific Ocean,and resting in the shadow of pine trees, provided serenity for Tenshin who often sat inside to think.

Tenshin Memorial Museum of Art,Ibaraki

Overlooking the spectacular Izura coast,this museum stands as a memorial to Tenshin Okakura. Works by Tenshin and his colleagues,also famous works when on loan from around Japan and abroad,are on display.Modern Japanese art is also exhibited.

Jorenji Temple

Jikaku Daishi,a great Buddhist teacher.erected the temple in the year 858,in peaceful surroundings that remain today,

Hanazono Shrine

Giant Japanese cedars from a beautiful grove around the inner and outer Shrines,and red statues if Deva Kings stand guard in either side of the shrine gate.A truly solemn yet sublime environment.

Ujo Noguchi Memorial Museum

Many of Ujo's works and possessions are on display here, as well as some other historical cultural properties.

Ujo Noguchi Home

Along with Hakushu Kitahara and Yaso Saijo,Ujo was one of three of Japan's most accomplished nursery rhyme composers.

Hirakata Fishing Port

This picturesque town's harbor is like a mirror reflecting two strange rocks outcroppings at the entrance to the harbor.Yakushido temple is one the east side of the port;Hachiman Shrine on the west.

Otsu Fishing Port

Twenty to thirty thousand tones of fish are annually hauled into this fishing port,one of Ibaraki's most famous.

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